One Smart Solution

Our comprehensive IoT management platform SIMetric™ provides users with the ability to clearly control connectivity within their business. Optimize rate plans, consolidate portals, monitor usage of devices, configure data and take action in one intelligent dashboard. As technology evolves to eSIMs, our platform and capabilities will also expand to eSIMetric™.

Automated Rate Plan Optimization (ARPO)

Put down the pencil and step away from the spreadsheet. Allow SIMetric’s proprietary algorithms to optimize your rate plans and display savings automatically. Our platform ensures maximum savings by applying current rate plans and usage reports from wireless carriers. Optimization is imperative in ensuring maximum profitability of your IoT solutions.

Portal Visibility

View all of your data in a “single pane of glass.” Connect your carrier IoT platforms to SIMetric for a high-level, analytical perspective never seen before. Our platform extracts critical reports from carrier platforms to analyze and present your data. SIMs usage, patterns, device performance, trends and connection statuses are presented together in one clear intelligent display.

Anomaly Detection

Find peace of mind with our anomaly alert feature. Customized text and email alerts keep you notified of any detections in real time. Malfunctioning devices, rogue and auto-deactivation of SIMs will no longer go unnoticed. To increase savings, put an end to inflated data usage and connectivity issues on your devices now.

Predictive Analytics

By utilizing machine-learning analytics, SIMetric can predict the future connectivity and profitability of your business after just a short analysis of your company’s data. Our usage forecast feature recalls and considers prior tracked behaviors of cellular devices, giving customers the ability to see the future of their business and plan accordingly.

Back-Office Integration

Let us minimize office duties. Integrate your billing platform with SIMetric to compliment your current IoT managed services. Our re-rating engine includes automatic integration to trouble ticketing and billing, increasing efficiencies and profitability for your business.

White Label Services

Provide your customers with their very own personalized version of our intelligent dashboard. SIMetric gives you the ability to gather, separate and share your client’s analytics automatically. Manage and service your clients with our enhanced analytics, determine shareable data, set access permissions and regulate management capabilities in our cloud-based platform.

SIMetric™ will revolutionize the way you work. Connect with us today and let us show you how.

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