Malfunctioning IoT Connectivity

The world of SIM-based IoT devices is expanding very rapidly and has the prospect for remaking the processes and procedures of a number of industries, creating rapid efficiency improvements and therefore cost improvement, as well as creating opportunities for enhanced revenue streams.  That is the bright upside of the movement to IoT connectivity.  The murky underside of this movement is that the ability to provide protection against costs created by malfunctioning connectivity needs to be enhanced for most users.

Connected Analytics provides SIMetric™, a SaaS analytics platform built entirely in the Microsoft Azure cloud that allows for the collection of connectivity data on a per-device basis by ingesting the data from the carrier platforms (and across carrier platforms) and applying algorithms to that data to detect trends and tendencies for each device.  The output of this analysis would then provide actionable information for a user to manage device connectivity and identify anomalies.

The two most common anomalies are: (1) a device that has a limited number of activity sessions but has an abnormal usage of data for those sessions, and (2) a device that has many sessions being set up, but very little data being consumed.  In the first of these instances, there could be an indication of a malfunctioning device, a corrupted download of new programming over the air, or misuse of a device by an individual, amongst potentially other rationales.  By utilizing the analytics SIMetric™ provides, these situations can be highlighted during the month, alerts (SMS or e-mail) can be triggered to appropriate individuals and costly overages can be avoided or mitigated.  In the second of these instances, a device that is not utilizing data could be the target of an intrusion attempt (constant pinging to test access) or it could be indicative of a malfunctioning device that is not operating properly, such as a switch, relay or pump.  And in all of these cases, action can be taken right in the platform to either turn the device off, provide notification or send an SMS to the device to create some corrective action.

By providing the ability to react between billing cycles and to identify anomalies, the Connected Analytics SIMetric™ platform creates a positive environment for the deployment of IoT devices.  Instead of worrying about overages and misuse, negative results from device failures and the damages that could occur to expensive capital items, managers can spend their time enhancing their operations and using IoT technology to create more advantages for their business.