• Does Connected Analytics buy or sell connectivity from wireless carriers for the IoT devices?

    No, we do not resell connectivity. We are in the business of helping our customers automate their analytics and activities related to SIM connectivity so that they can improve their business and their margins related to IoT.

  • Is there a consulting fee or a scope of work required to get started with Connected Analytics?

    We do not charge a consulting fee to get started. We will need your access credentials for the platform that you utilize so that we can download your information to perform the analytics required. We will also need input on how you want your portal configured once we have implemented your analytics.

  • How is your service priced?

    Since we are a SaaS-based analytics engine, there are no capital expenditures required for us to get your service up and operational. We charge based on the number of SIMs or devices you have active in your carrier’s IoT platform during a given month, the level of usage expected on a per SIM basis/rate plans and the duration of the contract you sign with us. We bill monthly for our services.

  • How do I buy your service and is there a contract?

    We provide our services either directly to end customers or through distribution channels such as TEM’s and Managed Service Providers as indicated in other sections of this website. For services purchased directly from Connected Analytics, we would typically expect to execute a one or two-year agreement for our services, with some pricing benefit being realized for the extended commitment.

  • Can my company white-label and resell your service?

    Absolutely! Contact us for more details on how we can personalize SIMetric for your company and its customers.

Let us show you how SIMetric will revolutionize the way you currently analyze the cost and performance of your cellular IoT devices.