Cross Carrier Visibility & Management with SIMetric

It’s a Multi-Carrier World for IoT Connectivity and that brings fragmentation that must be addressed in IoT management to enable scale. 

Today companies are forced to manage IoT connectivity through a variety of self-service platforms (e.g. Cisco Jasper, Verizon ThingSpace, T-Mobile Netcracker, Vodaphone).  These platforms serve an important purpose in extending the ability to self-manage within a carrier, but all are at different levels of maturity and have different processes causing companies to maintain several ways of doing business and create ad-hoc reporting to understand the full scope of IoT connectivity.  This is a very inefficient process!   

From the very basics of visibility of a company’s SIM connected ecosystem to highly specialized ability to present information to customers or internal departments for management of provisioning, the current carrier platforms simply fall short.  SIMetric™ fixes these concerns by bringing consistency to an inconsistent world.

With SIMetricTM, companies can bring everything together in a “single pane of glass” that allows for consistency in management and reporting to gain efficiencies and aid in decision making on how to most effectively manage this rapidly growing business. 

How is this done?

SIMetric™ utilizes APIs to connect to the carrier based IoT platforms and adds machine-learning capabilities to provide a consistent cross-carrier interface with embedded analytics. These advanced analytics include connectivity management, activation, and deactivation of SIM’s, rate plan optimization, detection of potential fraud or malfunctioning devices, potential security breaches and alerting capability, all on an automated basis.

Once all SIMs are embedded into one management platform, it opens a new way of managing the full SIM ecosystem. 

If a company resells connectivity, then the SIMs can be grouped and managed within one instance (regardless of carrier) and that data can then be passed down to another reseller or customer so that they can have immediate visibility, alerting and management capabilities.  If a company manages connectivity for multiple internal departments, then those departments can have access to their data and manage their own costs, provisioning, etc. 

With SIMetric™, there is no longer a need to learn and manage multiple platforms and there is a way to give downstream visibility allowing scale with IoT SIM-based connectivity!