Cross Carrier Optimization with SIMetric

Connectivity is the lifeblood of IoT – placing you in a unique position to help you or your customers capitalize on this multi-billion-dollar opportunity. It starts with providing excellence in connectivity and connectivity management.

For companies that must manage relationships with multiple carriers to provide the highest levels of connectivity, uptime, and reliability needed to be competitive in today’s markets, real-time and highly accurate data and control are crucial.

Today, too much of managing mobility is manual and reactive, especially across multiple carrier platforms.  Connected Analytics SIMetric™ platform, a SaaS automation solution enables you to reduce complexity, proactively avoid overages, maximize efficiency and dramatically lower your TCO in a Single Pane of Glass.

Trying to master the unique technical requirements and quirks of each of your carrier’s client platforms (Cisco Jaspers Control Center, ThingSpace, etc.) is a highly complex and never-ending task that places significant demands on your people monthly.

Manually managing SIM activity, alerts, and usage while optimizing rate plans (even for just a few thousand SIM’s), is a time-consuming effort fraught with significant opportunities for error and is not scalable. A business that needs to deploy, manage and monetize tens of thousands of SIM’s cannot hope to reasonably staff or scale, let alone position itself for hundreds of thousands (millions?) of SIM’s. And when you add those challenges across multiple carriers and their platforms, the costs and risks can be substantial.

Connected Analytics SIMetric™ helps to deploy, manage, and monetize your IoT business across carriers, offering you near real-time visibility, diagnostics, set-and-forget automation, provisioning, cost management, and more.

Go to market faster

Quickly configure SIMetric to support your unique business needs. Be up and running in days with just a few clicks.

Get real-time visibility

See all devices at a glance and respond immediately to changing network and usage conditions.

Quickly troubleshoot and fix problems

Identify and respond to unusual device behavior before it becomes a problem.

Control costs

Track activity and insights in real time to automate cost management and data utilization across devices.

Scale rapidly

SIMetric enables almost scalability virtually anywhere in the world with it’s Microsoft Azure core.

SIMetricTM is highly scalable, leveraging the power of the  Microsoft AzureTM cloud-based engine and tools. Utilizing the rules-based engine that sits at the heart of the SIMetricTM platform, we automatically ingest your SIM data, usage, rate plans and metrics in a fraction of the time when done manually.