Connected Analytics – IoT & The Enterprise Emerging Trends

AGC Partners has released their 2019 study: IoT & The Enterprise Emerging Trends including their study of Connected Analytics

 “Enterprise IoT is about connecting devices, as well as monitoring and managing business processes in an intelligent way through connected devices, real-time data, defined applications and integration with back end enterprise systems. By 2020, IoT is on track to surpass phones, laptops and tablets collectively as the largest category of connected devices. As this plays out, the Enterprise sets up as the next big leg of exciting growth in the extended IoT adoption wave, taking over from the Consumer and Industrial domains. Deployments are well under way with over 84% of enterprises expected to complete IoT implementations within the next two years”.

The Connected Analytics SIMetric© Platform is the industry leader in device connectivity management, which has become a critical part of managing large scale SIM-connected IoT networks. As IOT solution deployments scale into the millions of devices, the traditional Device Connectivity Platforms (DCP) that bring value to customers as platforms to enable control of the devices were designed with a conventional mobile audience in mind; as IoT networks scale to millions of devices rather than hundreds of users, a scalable intelligence layer than can provide insights and automate actions at scale becomes critical to success. Absent this scalable, intelligent service layer, IoT device management will quickly become unmanageable using traditional mobility tools. SIMetric© uniquely brings this intelligent, scalable service layer to existing device connectivity and management platforms and tools.