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CallPass Taps Connected Analytics’ SIMETRIC™, the IoT Connectivity and Analytics Engine, to Streamline Carrier Management, Reduce Costs, and Predict and Eliminate Risk

Connected Analytics, a leading global provider of IoT connectivity management and analytics, today announced the addition of CallPass, a national innovator in asset tracking and fleet management, to their growing client base across the continuum of IoT management use cases.

“I couldn’t be more pleased than to partner with an industry leader such as CallPass” remarked Allen Boone, CEO of Connected Analytics. “The asset tracking and fleet telematics space is one of the most competitive of cellular connected device industry segments and we believe we have capabilities that will further enhance CallPass’s business. We’re thrilled to be able to help CallPass harness big data with unprecedented management efficiency, visibility, alerting and control across all of their wireless connectivity providers.”

“With SIMETRIC™, we have found an affordable, easy to implement option to enable the full potential of one the most integral components to our business – cellular connectivity” said Bill Constantine, Vice President of Operations at CallPass. “Recently, my team was presented with a one-time, bulk SIM management task that historically would’ve taken twenty-five man hours to complete. With SIMETRIC™, the task was instantly automated allowing us to redirect those efforts to more mission-critical tasks. The SIMETRIC™ service is now an indispensable part of our daily management operations.”

Edge computing and the enormous amount of data being collected is redefining how businesses compete and profit in today’s marketplace. With few standards available and only disparate platforms with which to manage worldwide cellular IoT device connectivity, Connected Analytics brings the consistency, extendibility and affordability the IoT industry needs at the perfect time.