Unlock the Unknown with SIMetric™.

The Hidden Value of IoT Connectivity

Proper IoT management is critical to the success of any connected businesses, but not always easy to supervise. Take control of your business, increase profits and view your data all in one place with SIMetric.

Manage and Lower Costs

Increase profitability and the ROI your company expects from your IoT solutions.

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See It All

View your data in a “single pane of glass” after inputting your IoT platforms and carriers.

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Take Action

Receive real-time alerts when connectivity malfunctions are detected.

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Control Your Future

Discover and adjust your connected business approach with predictive revenue analytics.

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Tailor It

Customize and package reporting based on your company or customer’s needs.

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Simplify Tasks

Integrate back-office duties such as trouble ticketing and billing into one hub.

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Connected Analytics allows us to proactively manage our connectivity, optimize data utilization and save money across our data plans.  Connected Analytics and SIMetric have taken us to a whole new level of visibility and profitability allowing us to scale our business more rapidly.”

Connected Analytics Client

CallPass Taps Connected Analytics’ SIMETRIC™, the IoT Connectivity and Analytics Engine, to Streamline Carrier Management, Reduce Costs, and Predict and Eliminate Risk

“With SIMETRIC™, we have found an affordable, easy to implement option to enable the full potential of one the most integral components to our business – cellular connectivity,” said Bill Constantine, Vice President of Operations at CallPass. “Recently, my team was presented with a one-time, bulk SIM management task that historically would’ve taken twenty-five man hours to complete. With SIMETRIC™, the task was instantly automated allowing us to redirect those efforts to more mission-critical tasks. The SIMETRIC™ service is now an indispensable part of our daily management operations.”

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